Our Story

Delicious homemade


We've been serving Austin since 2008 and now have 5 trailers.

Our original MamboBerry truck serves all natural, nonfat, organic, frozen yogurt (made with locally sourced White Mountain yogurt!), over 30 topping choices, all natural fresh fruit smoothies, 150+ all natural shaved ice flavors, Matcha green tea, wheatgrass, frappes, and more!

Our MamboFreeze trailers offers over 200 all natural shaved ice flavors with a variety of homemade toppings and sugar free options.  Some of our specialties are piccadillys, mangonadas, chamoyadas, and diablos. We hear we make the best in town! We also offer frito pie, hot Cheetos with cheese, chili cheese dogs, pickles, and fresh corn in a cup.  

We've won awards and been voted "Best in Austin" and been part of all the good events in town, but nothing we say on here is going to make you appreciate our deliousness until that special moment where our yummy goodness hits your tongue and it's all over.  So come on by one of our locations and let your taste buds decide for themselves! We promise to offer you great, fresh products and even better customer service.